Summary of Liquor Control Review Board

Posted Jul 11, 2011

Proposed changes to liquor ordinances in Oak Park, IL



Notice of Public Hearing

Liquor Control Review Board

7:30 p.m., Tues., July 12, 2011

Village Hall Council Chambers

123 Madison St.

Oak Park, IL 60302


On June 6, 2011, the Oak Park Village Board asked the Liquor Control Review Board to solicit public comment on the following proposals for changes to the Oak Park Liquor Ordinance (Chapter 3 of the Village Code). Interested residents and business owners are invited to comment on the recommendations that follow by attending the Public Hearing or by submitting your written comments to See additional details below:

  1. Move alcohol service time to 9:00 am for brunch service on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. This would allow service of alcohol to begin with brunch service.
  2. Allow option of early closing time for full kitchen service for B-4 restaurant licensees. This would reduce cost of fully staffing the kitchen later in the evening, possibly with at least limited food service at all times that alcohol is served.
  3. Require Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Servers Education and Training (BASSET) for all staff selling or serving alcohol, as is already provided at most Oak Park grocery stores and some restaurants. Other Illinois municipalities, including many in Lake County, are moving in this direction. BASSET training provides skills to identify fake IDs and to avoid overserving of alcohol, providing a more professional staff. Additional benefits may include reduction in insurance costs to owners and an additional credential for staff.
  4. Revise the D12 license to include sale of artisanal local distilled spirits. This license type currently allows sale of package beer and wine as an extended part of a restaurant operation. This change would allow sale of certain packaged spirits that also are served at such restaurants.
  5. Establish a new liquor license type for bed and breakfast facilities to provide for service of alcohol. This license type would allow service of alcohol to guests of a bed and breakfast facility.
  6. Review brew pub provisions for other Illinois municipalities and recommend any needed changes to current license options to accommodate these businesses. Interest in a brew pub or microbrew facility has been expressed by several prospective business owners. Research has shown that brew pubs in Illinois include food service as part of the operation. The state of Illinois recently passed additional rules regarding microbreweries.
  7. Establish a new license type for an art gallery lounge with wine sales. This license type would allow sale of alcohol in an art gallery setting

Anyone unable to attend the hearing may send comments via U.S. Mail to the LCRB, c/o the Village Clerk, 123 Madison St., Oak Park, IL 60302 or by e-mail to Comments must be submitted by August 15.